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CASTING HACK: One Line Audtitions

Jul 11, 2021

CASTING HACK! Auditions Suck. Especially when the casting director gives you only 1 line to prove you can act. Here's a piece of advice on how to slay the audition.

Have you ever searched the internet for actor monologues or examples of self-tapes? Have you ever watched the entire thing?? If the acting was mediocre, then chances are you didn't. Know why? Because we can tell in as few as 5 seconds if someone can act. If we know they can't, we move on quickly. It's the same in a casting office. You have 5 seconds to impress them, and if you manage to get that far, then you may get 5 more seconds. If you're REALLY connected and bringing your best to the audition, they may watch the whole monologue or whole scene. But you must grab their attention with the first line. And when it comes to commercials, which are usually only one line anyway, it's gotta be great. Here's a secret......Listening and reacting counts as a line. They're just inside your head. Don't forget to listen. Every line counts, especially the first one.

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