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CASTING HACK: Let your personality shine

acting for real casting hack film htgag Jul 08, 2021

Let your personality SHINE in your next Personality Slate! It's a funny thing, but many times casting directors and producers simply what to know what you're really like. In real life. When you're not acting. Weird, huh?

As a casting director in the Midwest, I see a wide variety of actors, from beginners to professionals. And, man oh man, can you tell the difference. Here's the funny thing....even "professional" submissions come from actors who don't know what a Personality Slate is. Actors spend so much time trying to convince everyone they can be somebody else that they forget how important it is to be themselves. We want to know if you are someone we would enjoy working with and that part has nothing to do with a memorized script, it has to do with who you really are. If you can talk to the camera like your talking to a new friend who wants to get to know your better, you'll be on the right tract to letting your personality shine.

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