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How hard could it be? -My Trailer experience

film jonna volz lomh trailer what i learned Jul 08, 2021

Who would if have known that editing a trailer for a film is a remarkable challenge and a creative puzzle?

For this one, Colton Jackson, our composer, gave us a few trailers from other movies that hand the mood he was going for in his original score. Me and Austin Wood, our editor, picked out favorite and began to hunt down clips for the movie that we liked.

Then Austin put those clips together to match the placeholder score so we could get an idea of the pacing. Once we had an edit that we all liked (which took at least 7 tries), Colton wrote the music to go under it.

It's a very tricky thing to edit to someone else music and get attached to it, then watch it again with the new original music.

—Of course Colton wanted his own stamp on it. But I found myself asking him to tweak it to sound like the other movie. The good news is, Colton is a genius and he found a beautiful balance between the inspiration and his original music, which led to a teaser trailer that we are very proud of. I'm excited to see how the 2nd trailer music compares, now that we have the whole movie score almost complete. Stay tuned!



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