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Meet the Cast: Chloe Blotter

cast and crew lomh meet the cast Aug 04, 2021

MEET THE CAST of The Land Of Milk And Honey!

Chloe Blotter plays Isabel Morgan, a headstrong girl who’s tenacity can get her into the kind of trouble that isn’t easy to get out of. Her beautiful spirit captures your full attention every time she walks into the scene.

Chloe Blotter is a professional actress . She is known in feature film Camp Cold Brook directed by Andy Palmer. She also has worked with other directors Tracy Trost and Nick Searcy . She has trained in workshops and has been coached professionally for over 12 years . She enjoys outdoor activities hiking, horseback riding ,kayaking and dirt biking. Chloe is also a professional digital illustrator most recent project coloring book for a sci-fi book series Cadeau . Chloe loves to draw, play her guitar , or electric ukulele. She cares for her chickens ,dog, and cat .

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