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The Land of Milk & Honey

A very personal story about a young man fighting to save his family.  Post Traumatic Stress affects millions of homes and carries the effects through generations.  Please support our venture as we hope to shed some light on this growing problem.  We hope to bring stories like this to life and bring positive impact through film.  Click below and learn about our adventure in photos, interviews, behind the scenes videos and join us in celebrating the creativity in the Mid-west.

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Fear is a strong motivation to not chase your dreams. We know. We've done it. We have been successful, but have not really taken the big jump to chase what we love. We've dabbled, especially when we were younger, but the older you get, the harder it is. Family, retirement, responsibilities always take over, but if your being honest, all of that is based on fear. A great man once said that every decision you make is based on either love or fear. You either love what you do, or you fear the consequences of not doing it. We saw the potential of the talent in this area and that led us to ask the questions "What if," and "If not now, when?"


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